Mt. Olivet Junior Academy

Fort Lauderdale | FL
Adventist EDGE School of Excellence Award
Adventist EDGE School of Excellence Award
Mt. Olivet Jr. Academy was awarded the Adventist EDGE (Educators Delivering Great Education) School of Excellence Award in 2011.  The EDGE formula for excellent schools is to deliver a GREAT education that is God-centered, Results-oriented, in an Environment that is safe and nurturing, Aligned with Adventist and national standards, and a Team effort. We achieved our goal of having a school of excellence, teachers of excellence, and students of excellence. 

Excellent schools are not produced by accident or as the result of a single change event.
 In pursuit of excellence, Mt. Olivet Jr. Academy implemented a systemic approach to continuous school-wide improvement that incorporates every aspect of a school, from curriculum and instruction to school management and customer service. Goals aligned with Adventist and national standards, are identified for spiritual, mental, and physical development. Success is measured in a variety of ways to determine if desired outcomes are being reached. Administrators, teachers, pastors, and parents work as a team to nurture and support students to ensure their success. 

Teachers of Excellence strive to meet the needs of the whole child. To do so, Adventist EDGE educators honor the Natural Cycle of Learning, beginning by connecting with the student's experience, moving on to provide information, instruction, practice, feedback, and finally culminating with a celebration of new learning. EDGE teachers set high expectations for their students, facilitate a positive emotional climate for learning, and daily encourage students in their personal walk with Jesus. In partnership with the Holy Spirit, teachers equip students to compete and succeed in this life and fit them for the life to come. 

The ultimate aim for Mt. Olivet Jr. Academy is to graduate students who excel in faith, learning, and service. Students who receive an Adventist Christian education will learn to: 
  • love God
  • share the message and mission of the Adventist church
  • have effective interpersonal relationships
  • be responsible citizens
  • live healthy, balanced lives
  • develop to their fullest intellectual potential
  • communicate effectively
  • use effective personal management skills
  • appreciate beauty, nature, fine art from a Christian perspective
  • be of service to God and man

Our school is dedicated not only to excellence in education, but also in transparency with parents and students, relationships with the community, a vision of a brighter future, and Christ-like spiritual instruction. Serving the Lord and creating God-centered education is the most important of all the EDGE goals. Once that center is established everything else falls into place around it.