Home and School Association

Missions Statement:

"MOJA HSA is a partnership between staff and families to serve together to enhance and maximize the educational potential of every child."

The Home and School Association (HSA) was established to support school staff, help promote student self-esteem, and assist efforts to solve needs through volunteers and funding. All parents and other family members are encouraged to participate in  HSA activities even if unable to attend the monthly meetings. 

HSA activities happen everyday at MOJA with parents who volunteer in and out of school. Preparing special events for staff appreciation, making copies, and hosting fundraising events are just a few examples of HSA activities. 

Our Purpose

To provide parent education.

To unite the home, the school, and the church in their endeavors to provide Seventh-day Adventist Christian education for the children. 


For more information concerning HSA events, contact us at HSA@mojacademy.com



HOME AND SCHOOL Association:


David McNish, President

  • Shirley Albury
  • Merdine Mitchell
  • Cedric Murray
  • Laticia Murray
  • Wilma Rachel

Ex Officio

Cynthia Murray, Principal